Thursday, April 25, 2013

Get better at gymnastics

Whether your child started taking gymnastics classes for toddlers and dreams of becoming an elite gymnast, or if they want to attend a school for gymnastics just for fun, most students always want to know how they can get better at this incredible, challenging sport.

To help improve performance and get better at the sport, below are a few things that students can do. While those who are taking gymnastics classes for toddlers may not be able to do all of the suggestions below, some extra stretching or dance classes can boost overall performance.

1.    Set goals. Having a goal in mind makes it easier to grow and progress in any sport, and setting the actual goal makes it easier to achieve. Whether it’s improving double backs or getting better at the parallel bars, stating it and working towards it will only benefit one’s skills.

2.    Stretch. Stretching and warming up at home before heading to a school for gymnastics is an excellent practice, as the coach or instructor can usually tell who stretched before class. This will bolster their respect and show the student’s dedication. In addition, spending time in the morning and at night doing about 10 minutes of stretching will help recovery and improve overall flexibility.

3.    Be dedicated. The more a student practices, the better they will get.

4.    Be a good sport. Students should practice sportsmanship every day, not just in gymnastics classes.

5.    Be healthy. Eating a healthy diet is key to staying healthy; junk food should be avoided and students should eat lots of lean protein, fruits and vegetables.  In addition, students will benefit from participating in other forms of exercise conditioning and flexibility training on a regular basis.  


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