Thursday, January 24, 2013

The benefits of gymnastics classes aren’t just physical

We know by now that attending gymnastics classes can benefit your child’s physical development in a wide array of ways—strength, power, coordination, agility and balance, among many others. Yet many parents do not take into account the equally broad non-physical advantages that early gymnastics education can yield.
·         Attendance at a school for gymnastics helps children with their early social interaction—they learn to wait their turn, be quiet when necessary and develop respect for their peers. In addition, they learn the importance of cooperation and teamwork.

·         Whether children participate in competitions or perform, they always learn about sportsmanship and fair play.

·         Children who attend gymnastics classes gain self-confidence and a positive attitude. The progressive nature of the sport also teaches them about dedication and perseverance, as well as how to set and achieve goals.

·         Participating in this sport helps children develop discipline, as well as focus and concentration.

·         Partaking in gymnastics also helps children develop listening and other fundamental communication skills, such as learning to follow directions and adhere to rules and regulations.

Ultimately, attendance at a school for gymnastics equips children with many essential skills that will help them deal with both physical and emotional challenges and give them tools to succeed in every aspect of life. It helps them build confidence in their abilities and achievement, and inspires them to aim high and strive to achieve all of their dreams.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gymnastics resolutions

Since the New Year is here, many people find it to be the perfect time to make resolutions to improve all aspects of their life.  Of course, one of the most popular areas that people target is health and fitness. For those who attend a gymnastics school, the goal setting can get even more specific.

When it comes to resolutions to get better at gymnastics, whether that means improved performance in competitions or increasing flexibility overall, setting goals to better yourself in this sport is an excellent way to get started. Here are some popular resolutions that range from beginners to advanced levels, and some that can benefit everyone in between, whether you attend a formal gymnastics school or a class at the gym.

Be consistent. Make attendance in your classes or any other sport you participate in something you take seriously. Go to every single class unless you are sick or injured. Commit to your gymnastics classes, as well as other complementary workouts.

Increase flexibility. If you’re starting to lose your split, then it’s time to get focused on flexibility drills. Set aside specific times to stretch every day and practice your split at home whenever you can.

Improve grace. If you’re doing great on all the power and strength drills, get an objective assessment from someone you trust on how graceful you are. If you need some work, schedule some more practice time for routines, or add something in to the mix that can specifically benefit grace, such as ballet classes.  

Move forward consistently. Focus on the progression of your classes and improving your gymnastics performance at competitions. If you’re thriving on the beams, don’t get lackadaisical—set your  sights on the next techniques and maneuvers that you want to conquer and master. Look towards what is next, whether it’s honing your vaulting skills or upgrading on the bars. 

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