Monday, November 25, 2013

Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain With Gymnastics Classes

Thanksgiving is here—and on average, most Americans gain a couple of pounds during this holiday weekend alone. With the rest of the holiday season on the way, many let the pound or two gained at Thanksgiving spiral into holiday weight gain of up to 10 pounds! If you want to stave off the extra pounds and increase your calorie burn, why not try some gymnastic classes?

Gymnasts have some of the slimmest, most toned bodies in sports. But you don’t have to be an elite gymnast to reap the benefits of attending gymnastics school. Performing this challenging movement demands physical strength, power and flexibility—therefore, hour long gymnastics classes will result in some serious toning and calories burned. A person weighing between 150 and 160 pounds can burn nearly 300 calories by doing an hour of gymnastics.

There are other ways that attending a gymnastics school helps you lose weight. You’ll boost muscular endurance and flexibility, which helps increase your lean muscle. The more lean muscle our bodies have, the more fat we burn. This occurs because lean muscle revs your metabolism and makes your body work more efficiently, and therefore, burn more fat and calories.  By increasing flexibility, gymnastics elongates our muscles, which makes us appear more toned and longer.

Another of the benefits of gymnastics is that it’s a fun, social sport. When you have fun doing any kind of movement, it will feel less like a workout. An hour long gymnastics session will fly by much faster than spending an hour on the treadmill, Elliptical or Stairmaster. In addition, when you take gymnastics classes, you are surrounded by other people and can enjoy the social aspect. You may even make some friends, which will motivate you to keep coming back and be more enthusiastic about it overall.


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