Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How Gymnastics Classes Boost Performance in Other Sports

If you or your child has ever attended gymnastics camps or gone to a gymnastics school, you know that this incredible sport boosts overall fitness in a variety of ways. It significantly improves strength, helps to develop coordination and balance, and increase flexibility. But did you know that taking gymnastics classes also provides a solid foundation for many other sports and physical activities?

A no-brainer is that attending at gymnastics school benefits those who participate in cheerleading, whether competitive or non-competitive. Yet some of the other sports it helps to improve may surprise you—gymnastics provides a solid basis for training in martial arts, dance, swimming and diving. While much of this is due to the agility, strength and power one develops through gymnastics classes, it can also be attributed to the discipline, focus, confidence and ethic that one also attains.

Since gymnastics is unrivalled as a sport when it comes to flexibility, it significantly helps with the prevention of injuries, which obviously benefits any other sports the student participates in. Yet the advantages spread much further than that—for example, a student that we interviewed at a Torrance gymnastics school informed us that she also played for her school’s basketball team. The strength and agility she continues to develop further enhances her performance in this seemingly unrelated sport.

Many other students at this same Torrance gymnastics school also play softball, baseball, football and basketball because these sports benefit from increased flexibility. Gymnasts also have the maximum bone density of any other athletes, which enables them to further boost their power and strength, which enhances any sport that requires you to hit or throw a ball—even tennis players and golfers will reap the benefits!

Attending gymnastic camps can even help sports that require mental clarity and concentration, as students learn to listen and follow directions, set goals, cooperate with others and work as a team. More importantly, gymnastics teaches students about sportsmanship, dedication and fair play, traits that will help them in every aspect of life.

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