Friday, October 12, 2012

Tips for doing well in gymnastic competitions

If you want to become a great gymnast and do the best you can in gymnastic competitions, there are a few things you can do to supplement the classes you take at a gymnastics school. Here are a few tips to supplement a consistent regimen of practice and preparation and help you excel at this challenging and exciting sport.

1. Identify areas for improvement. Spend time determining your weaker areas and absorbing critiques from coaches and instructors. Find out if you are strong or weak in the areas of artistic presentation, tumbling techniques or other fundamental maneuvers. Spend time honing these areas and practicing proper form and technique.

2. In addition to taking gymnastics classes in the South Bay, many students in the area enroll in gymnastics camps to spend additional time on those weaker areas. This is a great thing to do in the summertime, during winter break and even spring break. Being able to spend lengthier, more focused time receiving professional instruction at gymnastics camps will help you improve areas of weakness and significantly enhance your practice.

3. Do your homework. Watch instructional DVDs and read how-to guides so that you can learn new skills and stay on the cutting edge of new techniques.

4. A great way to improve your skills is to watch other gymnasts participate in gymnastics competitions, on television and even in other classes. You may see new routines and maneuvers that you may not have thought about tackling before.

5. Switch up your workouts. Incorporate additional training such as yoga or stretching to maintain the flexibility you need to perform well. You may also want to do cardio to improve your stamina and endurance, and resistance training to build strength and power.

Whether you participate in a South Bay gymnastics program or attend a gymnastics school in another region, the fundamentals of becoming a great gymnast are the same: education, practice and preparation; a fit, flexible and healthy body; and determination, discipline and sportsmanship.

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