Friday, September 7, 2012

What to wear to gymnastic classes

You’ve found the perfect gymnastics center for your children and they’re so excited to get started—so now what? It’s time to make sure that they have the proper clothing that will keep them safe and free to perform all the activities required during class.

Some facilities have strict clothing policies for their students, so make sure you check with the gymnastics school you’ve chosen to see what their specific rules and guidelines are. Whether it’s a Torrance gymnastics school your child will be attending or another in the Los Angeles area, all gymnastic classes include a lot of stretching and some rigorous physical movements, so you need to ensure that they wear something sturdy yet comfortable that won’t hinder their range of motion. If a child is wearing something uncomfortable or restricting, they won’t be able to perform all the movements and could even injure themselves trying.

One of the most typical apparel items that girls wear to gymnastics classes is a leotard. While it covers the upper body, it still leaves the arms and legs free so that their movement is unrestricted. Often times, boys will wear a t-shirt and athletic shorts or sweat pants. Whether your child is attending a Torrance gymnastics school or any other in the area, they will most likely restrict children from wearing anything with zippers, snaps or other embellishments that could get caught during a movement. In addition, it’s best to make sure the clothes are not too baggy, as the instructors need to see the movement and the student’s muscles to ensure their form is correct.

Another requirement by almost every gymnastics center is that girls pull long hair back and away from their faces so it doesn’t get caught on anything and so that it stays out of their eyes. In addition, jewelry and socks should not be worn to a gymnastics school.

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