Monday, August 27, 2012

Join the performance team at our gymnastics center!

Taking gymnastics classes is an amazing way to help your children gain substantial strength, coordination and flexibility, while developing discipline through determination and perseverance. The benefits of a gymnastics practice are varied and include many that are non-physical.

Participating in a performance team at a gymnastics center takes all these benefits to another level. Learning to perform builds self-esteem, as well as the confidence to do your best when people are watching. This leads to fearlessness when public speaking or performing in ways other than gymnastics.

In addition to the extensive physical benefits that children gain by taking gymnastics classes, joining a performance team helps develop a wide-range of character traits and good habits that transcend every area of life. Participants learn about time management, dedication, cooperation and sportsmanship, and develop a sense of teamwork and respect for others. They learn to listen well and follow directions, as well as communicate with their peers, which promotes social interaction. As a result, children experience increased self-confidence, discipline and a great work ethic.

The Performance Gymnastics Team at Studio West Gymnastics center is a fun, fast and fierce program that teaches participants the fundamentals of movement while helping them to develop power, balance and the principles of showmanship. Research shows that children who participate in gymnastic competitions and on performance teams develop skills that significantly enhance their skills and abilities in other sports and physical activities.

Whether your child wants to participate in gymnastics competitions or practice the sport just for fun, participating in Studio West’s fun, fast and fierce program will put your child in the spotlight and make their hearts soar. Everyone participates and is part of the team at our gymnastics center. Sign-ups start September 1, 2012 and run through the performance date, December 1, 2012.

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